Monday, August 13, 2012

Catch 22 Whale card

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 Hi all, I know its been a while since my last post and thank you to those who have emailed me in that time. We have had Beth home on her mid semester break from uni and have had a heap of fun cooking, crocheting and spending time together... We' went camping (that was cold!)  but fun. Madaleine got her P's drivers license. Ben got back from Nepal and spent last weekend with us before staring back at Uni. He had a great time, he made it to Mt Everest base camp on his birthday and every one signed a Nepalese flag for him, taught in different schools near kathmandu & pokhara Nepal, did some rice planting in the paddy fields on there service days and then on through thailand on there way home.... he bought us all Yak hair beanies and blankets, shawls, prayer flags etc..its all so exciting! Ben also got his black or full driver license and its been great being a part of all those mile stones. Beth is finishing her prac at Inverell as I type and we will take her and all her stuff down to settle her back into Uni, it will be good to be all together as a family for the weekend and enjoy some more of Ben's Nepal pics and stories together. So that's been my past couple of months in a nutshell.
You can find the links to these crochet patterns on my Pinterest board called crafts Ive made

  Beth has a birthday next Wednesday she says.... I'll be having a catch 22 birthday I'm 22 and I'm a catch ... i had to laugh :) mmm I thought i got out of all this birthday cake stuff when they turned 21.... so i get a text asking what will my cake be this year so some quick thinking and the good old internet and this is what we came up with... I found a pic of it on the net here
and made something similar. We are back from the weekend and got them all settled and gave Beth a fridge for her Uni room for her birthday and had a really fun weekend.

 As for the card I wanted it to match in with the cake so I made the whale..
You can buy my Whale card pattern here
Whale pattern $3.95
I also made a whale you could add to a card front using the paisley dies. I used the largest die for the body and the smallest die for his tail and fins. the water spout was a border punch I have and I cut a section from that... not real sure on the name of that punch.

for a different look whale try using some designer paper as above in my fist pic. Glue this to the main card before you cut out the pattern. I think these are really cute! now watch the video below :)
Here is an idea how to turn this into a baby card ( I needed one for Dave's niece) .... I added the small die cut whale inside one of the designer covered whales and wrote "Happy Pregnancy"!

 Blessings to you

and a last thought 
overwhelming victory is ours
through Jesus Christ who loved us 
enough to die for us
Romans 8:37


Nana said...

What a cute cake and the cards are fantastic. Loved watching the videos.

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Paula said...

WOW!... that's a lot in a nutshell!... and WOW! on these adorable whale cards, too. Love the baby in the tummy idea :) Wish I knew this several months ago, as our daughter started her first pregnancy (She could be delivering right now as I type! Her contractions started this afternoon!).. anyway, had I known, I could have made her one!

Thanks for the inspiration! :)

Whimcees said...

Hello Vallita!

It is so good to see your post! It sounds like you have been having a wonderful time with your family! The children are all doing so well - these are such good years with the memories they will bring! I love the cute whales - thank you for the video! Wishing you a great week - I look forward to your next post!


Barbara Diane

Monna (rhymes with Donna) said...

so very cute. and LOVE that cake. will have to make one of those it!!!!!

Carol Carriveau said...

These cards are just toooo cute! I especially like the small one you made from the Paisley die...and put it inside of the big are soooo wonderfully clever...TFS!

TLady said...

YOU'RE BACK!!!!!!! :) LOVE your post! Our son goes back to school soon too! :( I miss him SOOOOO when he's gone! SWEET Whale cards & cake! :) Thanks for showing us! :)

cardchick's world said...

I was just on your blog yesterday..wondering what was happening (didn't see the email on the side) happy to were off having fun with your family....cute cute card!!!

terrie said...

So glad to see you back...glad you had time to enjoy time with your family..which is important!
I jusy love your whale pattern and the card that you made...
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us...
Take Care and hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

So pleased to hear from you again! I DO understand that we all need a break to spend time with family. Sounds as if all of you really enjoyed each other. The whale card is so cute great job!
Cheryl McAskill

Diann S said...

Brillent!!! Not only the card but the cake is just outstanding! Thanks for sharing and please post back again real soon. Thanks!

Cindy John 3:16 said...

Welcome back! I've missed seeing your're always sooooo creative! Glad you had such a wonderful time - Congrats to your children for all their exciting accomplishments! :)