Thursday, May 10, 2012

Our Mildura trip

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 Hi all, we are back from our trip to Mildura, Victoria for my nieces wedding. We picked the kids up at Uni on the way and headed off on our 17 hour road trip which we split into two days to get there but to come home we did it all in one day which was pretty insane... Such a beautiful part of Australia! a lot of our fruit comes from this area including grapes & oranges .... we also seen huge cotton farms near the hay plains and sheep stations. the above pic was taken on a day trip to South Australia at a place called headings cliffs near Renmark and the river in the background is the Murray river which is the boarder for New south whales and Victoria. Gorgeous low gum trees grow all over this area which are twisted and have some amazing colours. My niece was married on island lock 11 where the paddle steamers and house boats go in and out of the river locks and the reception was in an historic wool shed. It was such a beautiful day. Below is a map of where in Australia we were marked in Red.
And if you'd like to see more of our pics from this trip click on this link Mildura trip
Ive been flat out with work outside the home since we got back and haven't had much play time so I'm hoping to post something new up soon , enjoy the pics :) Oh and Madaleine is madly looking for a spinning wheel for her year 12 major work, Ben has all his needles today in preparation for his trip to Nepal so things are getting exciting in his camp and I also have to show you a video clip of an editing assignment Beth did for Uni and got top marks for, she would love it if you would check it out :)

Blessings to you

 and a last thought
“He who tends a fig tree will eat its fruit...” 
(Proverbs 27:18, NIV)


Becky Green said...

Beth did a GREAT JOB on her video! And your pictures were LOVELY!!!!!! What a NICE time away you had! I'm SURE EVERYONE enjoyed themselves!!! I have to tell you! I found a stylus set from by McGill! They come in a case, Sizes 1mm to 8mm & reverse tweezers! I thought for those smaller flowers this would be handy! AND only $15.99!And they're that fun green too! :) Can't wait to see what you have for us next! :)

Mitzi said...

Valita, how nice of you to share your pics of your trip. I've never seen a black swan. We have white ones in our area, but no black ones. I loved seeing the countryside. Pics of your family are lovely as well. Looks like you all had a wonderful time.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the little window into your lovely world Valita. Beth did an amazing job of her video. It's no wonder she came top! I left her a comment on Youtube. (I'm Aunty Viv).
Hurry up and get crafting again. I'm waiting to be amazed! xxx

Jessica said...

Oh what beautiful pix! The sunrise ones were gorgeous! I have no idea as to the size of Aus! 17hours and only half way! Big country! Tell Beth her video was great, and I loved the story. Thanks to you both for sharing. Hugs, Jess

Daisy Carter said...

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valita said...

just take the time to explore all the options and enjoy it! :)

Holly M said...

Thank you for posting those wonderful pics of your trip. Such a lovely country.