Sunday, September 19, 2010

What a week!

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Its been a huge week here, the same day Dave handed over keys to his mums house (which is straight across the road from us) he was redundant from his job. So we decided to get away for a week and clear our heads a bit. The day afrter we arived back home our Pomeranian had 4 puppies which was very exciting! Were not sure what will all unfold with our future as yet but we do know God has a plan and trust Him with that for us. In the mean time we would love and appreciate your prayers for our family. check out the birth of these puppies truly amazing!
Blessings to you
and a last thought

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
and lean not to your own understanding
in all your ways acknowledged Him
and He will direct your paths.
Proverbs 3:5


VictoriasCreativeCrafts said...

Watching the puppies was great. But the song, "Who let the dogs out" was very interrupting. I put the video on silent. I know your happy all are ok.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this video with us. It's remarkable and lovely to see.

Andrea said...

Just to let you know I am thinking about you and pray that God will have something around the corner for your family. The birth of the puppies is special. I would love to see photos as they are growing.
take care Andrea

Erica said...

Loved this genuine video, but have to agree with first commentor about the music. I found it quite disconcerting, but muddled through as I forgot I could actually mute it. My grandson enjoyed it very much, but annoyed too (and he's a teen). Praying for your family and hoping that the puppies bring you much deserved joy for as long as they are with you.

valita said...

Sorry if some of you didn't like the music i chose on this video...i liked it...and i guess that's the main thing, it was not intended to offend anyone so Please use the mute button if do don't like my choice of music on the video...Valita

Gaby said...

Hi Valita,
I'm sorry to hear your husband lost his job but I keep my fingers crossed that he gets a good job soon.
And thanks for the video of the doggies. God, they are soooo cute.

Have a great day.

md said...

Is sont adorables
des pensées positives

Bev said...

I hope hubby geta a job real soon Valita...I loved the song!! and teh puppies are adorable..we have a little male pomeranian who never ever leaves my side..they are great dogs

Kathynruss said...

My doggies have always delivered a fait accomplis in the morning. Cool to watch it actually happen. Sorry about your hubby's job. I figured out "redundant" is an Aussie way of saying "laid off."

LuRae said...

The circle of life continues! In the US, we call losing your job in this way being "laid off." It's happening to way too many people here. It always amazes me how similar lives are in the US and in your country . . . and others too, I suppose. Wishing you the best with the job search and the puppies.

P.S. The music made me laugh out loud! And I needed a good laugh -- my 95-year old aunt broke her hip last weekend and, although the surgery went well, she has lost a lot of her cognitive ability -- hopefully, temporarily! She's been a handful! But of course, we understand and still love her.

Soozie4Him said...

Oh, I just LOVED watching this! I've never "seen" puppies born before - the miracle of birth is so wonderful! I didn't know that the mother dog would let you "help" her - I was yelling "PUSH!" in my head! Thanks for sharing this beautiful video amongst your stamping ones!

I'm a believer in Jesus Christ as well and I will pray that your husband gets a new job soon!

Susan, Soozie4Him on SCS
moot96 AT aol DOT com

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry your husband lost his job :( You all will be in my prayers.
Thanks for sharing the video of your fur baby having was awesome. I also want to thank you for all the things you so freely and generously share on your blog. Your blog is the first thing I check when I get on the give this great grammie inspiration.
Big Hugs,
Della May

Gail said...

I'm sure something good will come out of all this .We don't always know lifes plan ,we just have to go with the flow.

The puppies are gorgeous ,you will have so much pleasure from them as they grow .


angelin said...

hi valita,
the puppies are soooo cute and sweeet.i d love to see their pictures after 8 days thats when there eyes are opened and creeping and crawling.
and now coming to you .you are always in my prayers,dont worry about anything.keep praying.

Whimcees said...


The puppies are beautiful - all lovely colors! We used to raise English Springers when my children were young and I sat with my female through many births. It was amazing each time. :<)

I keep you all in my prayers and hope that things come together for you soon. You have one of the best outlooks on life that I have seen so I know that your strong family unit will survive and conquer!

Take care! Your blog brings great joy to many and we have come to know you as a friend. Wishing you a week with good news.


Barbara Diane

Georgei said...

Thank you for show the video
it was nice of you
and they are so cute
and good lucky to your husband

angelwhispers said...

Wow thank you for sharing such a special moment and what a clever Mummy!!!!

Thinking of you all!!

Love Chanelle xx

Monica-FC said...

so sorry to hear about hubby losing his job. keep your family and you in me prayers. love the video of the dogs and the music. I thought it was just right for the video. thanks again. :)

Whimcees said...


Just wanted to wish you a good weekend! I hope that all is well!


Barbara Diane

mitch1066 said...

Im a great beleiver in fate ,one door may close but only because another needed to open.Im sure things will work out.

Deborah March said...

Aawww, PRECIOUS little puppies. I turned off the sound too...too distracting and loud for me. Wishing the BEST for Mama!

Whimcees said...

Hello Valita!

I am concerned not seeing a post for 10 days now - I am keeping you and your family in my prayers and hoping that all is well. Wishing you all good things.


Barbara Diane

gypsyrose said...

gorgeous little puppies Thanks for the video.
thanks also for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment
sending prayers for your family just now.

Smilie girl said...

Congratulations and thank you for sharing the birth of your beautiful puppies.
Hope things are turning around work wise for your hubby. Thinking of you.

Tracy said...

Amazing video.
I too was thinking push, you can do it :)
Thanks for sharing this.