Sunday, December 13, 2009

Baby Shower, Awards and a Wedding

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Hi all we just had a baby shower for my niece and her husband and though i would show some of the things i made for them. this card was made using a 1 and 3/8" circle punch, a small clip lock bag, a tiny rubber baby, some hair gel and a template found here. I found this link for tiny plastic babies , and also this link. A touch bulky but just the right amount of hair get seemed to work pretty good, just make sure you tape all you layers down well. A close up......

so cute hey! i also made a nappy cake and one to eat for them...her sister had the cute little icing baby made for the top of the cake.

and while were on the subject of family i cant help but mention the achievements of our kids this year....our youngest daughter Madaleine was awarded excellence in food technology coming first in her class for yr 8, 2009 and also was awarded a scholarship to the value of $853 for 2010 school fees. so proud of her! xx

Our oldest daughter Beth finished her certificate 4 in christian counseling in pastoral care and is off to uni next year to start primary teaching! she has also done a week as a Red frog
volunteering as a hotel Chaplin for the shoolies week here in Byron Bay well done Beth XX

Ben has just entered his last year of schooling doing 1 term already and has just bought himself a new car which he's so proud of. He was also awarded an $853 scholarship for 2010. they have all achieved and grown so much this year and we are very proud of them as their parents. love you all XX

And the family fun doesn't stop there....we also attended my twin sister wedding on the Gold coast and had a great day..... these are the belly bands i made for their invites .... all made with paper frangipanis done with a small balloon punch

and i made this card and picture frame as a wedding gift..........

this is me and my twin sister Michelle..... So wow its been a crazy year 3 weddings a funeral, 2 baby showers kids growing up working through panic attacks, the perfect holiday and God has blessed us abundantly! no doubt about it! i hope and pray He has for you too!

and a last thought

"Its in Christ we find out
who we are, and what
were living for".
Philippians 1:11


Andrea said...

Hi Valita,
I love your card for the baby shower. I have 3 friends pregnant at the moment. Where can I get the rubber babies? I've never seen them.

Andrea said...

thanks for adding the links. Your family are all doing so well. its such a blessing having lovely kids.
you and your sister look great together on her wedding day.

Erica said...

Our Good Lord has blessed you and your family. How wonderful for you all. Thanks for a year filled with great card techniques, ideas and just plain fun. Merry Christmas to you.

Robbie said...

What an outstanding year!! God has truly blessed you and your family! I enjoy visiting your blog. Thanks for sharing your year-end review with all of us.

Suzy said...

Congrats! For your kinds and everything!

DeeDee said...

I love the baby shower card..your creatiosn are always so wonderful to see...this is my favorite post funtimes and great memories....Happy Holidays

helen said...

Love everything! You are so creative!

Merry said...

That card is so amazing....clever.

Debbie M said...

Hi - have just come across your blog and have enjoyed a lovely "scroll" through it - Your work is truly beautiful and inspirational. Wish I had seen your beautiful frangapani flowers made from the balloon punch earlier LOL... oh well there is always another card waiting to be made LOL

Debbie M

Anonymous said...

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MariLynn said...

I love the baby shower card. So cute.

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This is my favorite post funtimes and great memories. Congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute!!!