Thursday, August 20, 2009

Punched xylophone /Video tutorial

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Hi all, i have a cute little punch project for you to try....I was wondering how i could use my word window punch and came across a pic of a kids xylophone and it bought back a lot of memories of when our kids were little and had a ball with one of these, rainbow colours and all!! perfect project for the word window punch. so lets get started.

you'll need to punch 6 word window shapes from stampin up, in different colours.
2 strips 1/8" x 3 1/2" in black as the rails of the xylophone.
One 5/8" circle punch and a strip 1/8" x 2 1/2 " for the stick.
black or brown ink to add some shading.
and some foam tape.

To start line up all the word window punch outs miss the first one and mark a line angling down. you will use this as a guide to cut new ends.

Next place each marked punch out back into the word window punch to the pencil mark and punch a new shorter end.

Ink the edges to add some shading and assemble your pieces gluing down the black rails spacing the larger end to match your largest punch out and the thinner end to match your smallest punch out and attach each with foam tape. Glue the circle to the stick and add your finished punchart to a card. so quick and easy...hope you have enjoyed this.

I'm also having fun making the video tutorials and finally but slowly learning how to load them all on without hassling our teenage son! because i know thats how i learn best by actually seeing someone else do there craft. so I'll post a video here of how i made this...enjoy ...Valita

and a last thought

The character of even a child
can be know by the way he acts
whether what he dose is pure and right
Proverbs 20:11


Gaby said...

Oh my God, what a great idea.
Such a good job. You even thought of shading. I'm so impressed.

Maxine said...

I have this punch, and I never would have thought to do that with it. TOO Clever!!!!

Juliet A said...

Brilliant! I love it! I have these punches, and a lovely music background, I'm definitely stealing this idea.

Going with the Flow By Renee said...

Absolutely Adorable! I love this cute idea - you are so clever! I will have to give it a try - thanks for sharing! Renee Winch

ChrissyM said...

you are so amazing and so creative

Vicki said...

How wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing! Because you are such an inspiration, you have earned the Kreativ Blogger Award! The details are on my blog! Congratulations!

Darlene Gabriel said...

What a cute idea and such a pretty card. I love this. Thanks for the tutorial. This is another one I'll be trying.
Thank you for your inspiration.

Anonymous said...

pure genius...i love it....


Ree Donnelly said...

Just LOVE it, Valita! Wow... what a great idea, you are so clever!!!

Erica said...

OH MY...this is just tooo adorable. However did you think of it. Definitely going to make one. I have several musical fans in my life.

Brett said...

thank you Valita! Wonderful video and card!


MariLynn said...

You are so creative. I love this idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

StampDancer said...

Found your blog today! Such a creative idea to do! Glad you love SU! products as much as I do and use them in your projects.