Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My brother is safe from the fires

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Hi all, Ive had a few emails asking about the fires in Victoria and thought id post some news here.... I'd been praying that my brother would be able to make contact with us as he lives near Narbethong. He rang this morning on 2 bars of his cel phone which hed said he had to drive up a mountain to get any much to our relief and said they were all ok... the lord had His hand over them as he said they seen the fires comming and just above them the sky opened up to a blue sky and the fires went around them....praise God for their safety!! after the fires had pasted he went into the towns to help and the devestation was so bad dead people and animals etc. He is a nurse so its in his nature to want to help where he can. Please keep the people of Victoria in your prayres they are going though so much greif and loss.......take care and thankyou for your concerns .....Valita


Unknown said...

Thank goodness they are OK!! the fires have been devastating and it's so sad to see those who have lost their homes or families and pets.
I hope the fires are over soon. We have our own fire worries over here so are on alert in some places..not near me..nowhere near the risk in Auz though. My thoughts are with them all!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for letting us know that you and your family are safe. You've definitely been in my thoughts.

nancymt615 said...

So very glad your family is safe. Prayers, love and blessings to keep them so. I also want to thank you for introducing me to Joanne's site and her gorgeous flowers. I am going to be playing with these alot I am sure.

rachel said...

Thank you God!

Anonymous said...

Hi Valita,

You don't know me, but I've been following your stamping blog for a long time now. I hadn't seen changes on your blog for a while and then I heard on the news about the fires in Australia. I tried emailing you, but it wouldn't go through. Not sure why. I'm in Brentwood, California, USA (Northern CA - Delta Region). Praise God you and your family are ok. I am a born-again Christian also, and I will continue to pray for all of you. I know how devastating all of this is. Last year we had approximately 1500 wild fires in Northern, CA at one time. And, the year before, in Southern, CA my daughter-in-law's mother was evacuated from her home because of the fires down there.

Thank you again for finding the time to let us know that you are ok.

God's blessings and prayers to you and yours,

Cindy - USA

Anonymous said...

Hi Valita, I'm so very glad to hear that your brother is safe. God bless him and your family.