Friday, December 19, 2008

inexpensive ways to colour your stamps

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I really enjoy finding ways to colour your stamps in an inexpensive way. Here is a card i made recently and id like to show what i used.

For this tutorial you will need:

regular Crayola pencil
regular water colours
staZon ink pad
water colour brush

heres some pics of the ones I use. I can grantee you'll race off to the kids room and pull out those supplies you thought were only for the kids!
I use the SazOn ink as it is a permanent ink and wont run when you use the water colours. Stamp on your background in a random fashion.

next use the white crayola pencil to colour santas hat. Remember these pencil are a wax base and depending on how much pressure you put on them is how dark they will come out. Its good to experiment with that. I pressed these colours quite hard to get good coverage in circle motions. A tip i use the white pencil to mark my darker cards when making projects it handy to have.

Now you could leave it like this but i decided to colour the rest of the hat red even though the card was red it still had a great effect. The red just stands out that much better.

With the water colours i used a watery black and a scrap of paper as a pallet i could wipe off the excess darker paint. Go around the outside of each of the hats blending the colour out. This will make the hat pop out at you off the card.

and the finished background with added glitter.....

So really you don't have to have to use all the expensive fang dangle pens and colours to achieve a great result just learn to use what you may already have.
heres a couple more cards i make with the same water colour pallet.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial and my find some some ways to take a few financial short cuts........Valita

and a last thought

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like a great rock, and nothing can shake it.
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2 Timothy 2:19


anniesmom said...

Fantastic Technique - thanks for the tutorial

Elizabeth >^..^< said...

Froggy card is so fun and thanks for the tips and tutorial. Beautiful flowers and that little birdy card is SO CUTE!

LuRae said...

I just love reading your blog for severals reasons, including finding out how much is the same around the world (Crayola pencils for children, Sandi Patti music, proud mammas, missing ipods, weight issues, etc.)and how it's not about the money needed to buy "more", but being creative with what you have. Coming to you from a small town in Missouri, USA.

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

Incredible as usual! Thank you so much for your constant inspiration! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and yours. Hugs, :O) mel

Heather "Hev" said...

Happy New Year :)

If you pop over to my blog I have something special for you ok :)

Honour Roll

Hugs Heather

Andrea said...

Hi Valita,
I have given you the Kreativ Blogger award. I love your iris folding patterns and your creative way with the Cuttlebug. Hope your new year is a good one

Mada said...

Your creativity is endless! Thank you for sharing it with us and for always offering very detailed and clear tutorials.

Hope the New Year has found you all in good health and will bring nothing but good things to your family.

If you have the time, please stop by my blog (HERE) - there's an award for you in there.
Your blog is really fabulous.


Kathie McGuire said...

Hi Valita~LOVE this!! Thank you for all you share. I visit your blog so often, but have never left a comment :(

So when I had a chance to give 5 friends, a blog award, I chose you as one of them!!

Please stop by my blog and pick up your award!

Stamp Hugs,

Kathie McGuire

Deborah March said...

Hi Valita, I've been missing your wonderful blog posts, and am hoping all's well for you and your family. :)

Sandra said...

Hi Valita,
I read this back in December but forgot to comment. I really appreciate how you show inexpensive ways to do things. It can be a real trap to just want the newest thing when the stuff you have will do just fine. Thanks heaps. Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.